NPU®, like Network Processing Unit !

Now that we are through with introductions, though the process so far has been much too unilateral for my taste (i.e. too one-sided, from me to you), it is time to move over to issues otherwise more serious. Considering that we only deserve the network experience that we configure for ourselves as users, which curiously translates into a kidult internet with an aggregate (lack of) memory holed around its own sectarian game cult, i.e. with no chance to make it into genuine responsiveness, I can't help thinking that the system has gone wrong somewhere, and that it is urgent to save our souls from "outta t·here!" Don't you wonder sometimes why our future looks so stuck, on that circle line (2.0 = 3.0) from and to the social networks?
Considering further that my NetPlusUltra® process of web content management is part of an exit strategy aiming at reclaiming and protecting our vital space, it is important to understand how the concept grafts itself onto the quadrilogy of usages evoked throughout step 1 of my Testfolio (mobile = consumption, sedentary = production). As a matter of consequence, the following terms apply:
With Respect to iPhones (Smartphones)
My web franchise enables only the consultation of contents produced within the legal frame of due affiliation with my web services.
With Respect to iPads (Tablets)
My web franchise enables both the consultation of conceptual contents, and the production of Infolios, provided the latter have been produced within the legal frame of due affiliation with my web services.
With Respect to Macs (Portable or Desktop Computers)
The NetPlusUltra® experience in all its conceptual systemic dimensions can only be appreciated by a duly registered user of a (portable or desktop) computer.
In Other Words
Considering that affiliation is subjected to the submission of an Infolio, it takes to be at least the owner of an iPad to be enabled to subscribe.
In line with the conceptual codex which applies to all modules of a NetPlusUltra® Webfolio matrix, the present specifications module further specifies the general conditions of use pertaining to the web services in development by me as the author (i.e. along the rationale of my organic approach), and as such, spans across the entire perimeter defined as "the user environment of the web(mastering) author".
Accordingly, the "Checklist" section is conceived so as to help you to prepare your pre-registration to the forum-directory presented t·herein, whereas the "Earned Value" page will guide you through what you should know about the assembly of such a weblog-based directory, using the data collected through my contractual "Registration" form.
Next comes the "Directory" of franchised authors, which will enable new members to introduce themselves in a few lines; followed by the "VPS Labs" bonus page, which - like the recent Lexifolio blog of my Dashfolio 2014 - will help you to project yourself further without skipping any of the necessary preparatory stages.
Please follow the navigation cues for a guided tour through the user environment: