Collection, Securement and Use of Data

The purpose of the "Directory" page to the present website, which I matrixed using the data blogging features of a RapidWeaver blog page, is threefold:
  • 1 | It enables the identification of web authors duly pre-registered with an Infolio, who - insofar as they subscribe to the philosophy of my NetPlusUltra® master-franchising solution - represent as many potential partners for registered and/or prospective members alike.
  • 2 | It provides both for the convergence of individual efforts towards my (future) NetPlusUltra® franchising network, and for the dissemination of best practices with regard to the application of the intellectual property codex to an autobiographical perimeter of affiliation (the latter, which is activated upon submission of an Infolio, shall not to be confounded with the Outfolio of a plagiarist).
  • 3 | Finally, it enables me, as the self-authoring master-franchisor, to provide as many examples of how my NetPlusUltra® model is meant to be applied as there will be web authors ready to pre-register their concept demonstrations with a view to showcasing their productions (of added value).
Please note that insofar as pre-registrations are supposed to be announced through the weblog of my Dashfolio, the RSS feed to the following "Directory" page will remain deactivated (because it won't be necessary to subscribe to the latter).
To meet the above requirements, the directory is broken down into thematic categories providing for the quick identification of the area of expertise of any duly pre-registered author:
  • Sanitary and social competence;
  • Legal competence;
  • Economic competence;
  • Organizational competence;
  • Cultural competence;
  • Artistic competence;
  • Scientific competence.
Each member profile is further enhanced with a series of tags corresponding to the entries of my pre-registration form, so as to provide the basic information which is necessary and sufficient to build a climate of confidence among candidates for subsequent final affiliation:
  • Citizenship: adjective;
  • Full name: last initial;
  • Gender: sex;
  • Languages: ISO code(s);
  • Operating system: name;
  • Provider: name of the ISP;
  • Residency: adjective;
  • Video calling: application;
  • Web host: name;
  • Web hosting: type.
Please follow the redirection below to read my own pre-affiliation announcement, which is provided as a self-explaining article inaugurating the directory (indeed, the necessity to permanently test and improve my own contract form forces me to resubscribe to my own conditions after each update!).