From Cloud Computing to Virtual Private Servicing

You are now respectfully "Infolio-ed" in accordance with the NetPlusUltra® codex of Intellectual Property, enjoying Directory-based access to the profile sheets of all other network members. The (re)construction of your network can begin, starting with your own personal RSS dashboard, or "Blogfolio".
Serious network building
…is being imposed to everyone through the conceptual integrity principle which underlies the engineering of an individual point of access. Mine is contractually all-encompassing because it is the master version that channels the access to my NetPlusUltra® franchising system. With the pre-filtering problem conceptually under wraps, your own contact point(s) will be much simpler; indeed, as a pre-franchised member with the same self-authoring responsibilities, all there is left for you to do is to define the sub-filtering rules which apply to your own dedicated perimeter.
This is where the distinction between the "outside-in" and "inside-out" perspectives sets in, with regard to external and internal communications (referring to conceptual contents intended for prospective members or franchisees). Considering that NetPlusUltra® has its own purpose, or mission statement, towards which all affiliate Blogfolios and Dashfolios are designed to converge, I can only encourage you to find a good RSS manager so as to not lose the thread. I am personally using the Mac App Store version of "LuckNews" to manage my RSS-based webwatch activities, in addition to the "Syndicate" extension for Safari.
Virtual meetings
It is your responsibility to set up your own intelligent web space, depending both on your needs (demand) and your perimeter of pre-affiliation (supply), using the tools available according to the necessary-and-sufficient rationale. Until my IntraNetPlusUltra® services are operational, all communications which should remain strictly private among prospective members will have to be exchanged through channels such as iCloud-based content feeds and newsletters, supported by the usual standard and instant messaging solutions.
As regards the necessary-and-sufficient rationale: learn to think in terms of lean design, and try to resist the temptation of downloading apps that your system does not need. Instead, consider the added value of a new purchase, and before you go iShopping, ask yourself what your Mac would learn from yet another gadget that it does not already know… By sparing you as many useless interfaces of interpenetration, this precaution would considerably increase the life expectancy of everything you build with your equipment.
Traceable capitalization
Considering that law is codified because the rule has to be written if it is to be used as a reference for further research towards permanent improvement, take care to document your most important communications properly. In this respect, the NetPlusUltra® charter of ethics prevailing among members provides that anyone who solicits the help of another must organize the meeting from start to finish: set up an agenda, invite participants, conduct the meeting, debrief the latter, and follow through. When a computer is being properly managed, this should not be perceived as a constraint, but rather as a satisfaction to be self-enabled to pilot a problem-solving process!
Now that the bases are covered, all that remains for me to do is to refer you to the "Registration", "End Credits" and "Navigation" pages, which square this problem-solving cycle.