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The following is a brief personal example of what a self-authored profile presentation could look like.

Post title
Last name in capital letters, followed by the first name, and the URL to the Infolio requested for affiliation; view a view to faster alphabetical data retrieval (through the "Search" functionality of your web browser for instance).

ID picture
To provide for easier identification, a small 250x250 portrait, which I will download from your Infolios (click on the above picture for an example) with a view to importing the latter into my Contacts application.

The new member would then introduce him or herself in a few lines, so as to provide a smart access to his·her web-enabled multiverse, starting with the Infolio gate.

Subject matter competence
This is the franchisee's thematic anchor point. As the manager of a project (the web authors' web), a service (the corresponding forum directory), and a program (the NetPlusUltra® R&D franchise), it is my responsibility to inaugurate all corresponding sub-directories. Meaning that for each conceptual meta-directory, the only multiple entry authorized is that of the author and administrator.

I am taking the opportunity of this introduction to remind everyone that such a presentation article will be considered as a legal proof of proper pre-registration, insofar as it is the outcome of submitting a pre-affiliation form with a view to customizing the subsequent Confidentiality Agreement, whose conceptual integrity can be verified. This is to prevent bad intentions from spoiling the directory.

Of course, all of this is temporary, considering that the automation of this pre-registration process throughout the upcoming audit of the server environment is an integral part of my NetPlusUltra® franchising perimeter!

Looking forward to meeting you,

Daniela BERNDT

French / German